Wedding Marquees Shevington Greater Manchester

Wedding Marquees Shevington Greater Manchester

Wedding Marquees Shevington Greater Manchester Premier Event Marquees are a family run business with a passion for quality and service. Offering marquee hire for all events. Wedding Marquees Shevington Greater Manchester.

As more people tend to tie the knot this year, getting a reliable location for the event can be complicated. Many factors can ensure you get one of your choice. Asides from getting a Wedding Marquees Shevington Greater Manchester service, you will want something which will appeal to your visitors.

Decorating yours is important because it shows your guest your taste and encourages curb appeal in your ceremony.

If you are in a fix about decorating your marquee on a low budget , here are some interesting ideas.


The marquee should have good and appealing lighting which will bring more life to your occasion. You could consider festoon lighting which can be easily draped magically to give your marquee a good finish. 

Also when talking about lighting, you should check LED birdcage lanterns and position them around the dance hall. 


If you are organizing a rustic wedding and summertime receptions, using a bunting van is an easy Wedding Marquees Shevington Greater Manchester decoration idea. This is an ideal way to show how pleasant your color is and how it can make your place fine. You could mix black colors and other elegant colors to make an attractive color sequence. 

Florals and greenery

Weddings should be a colorful event and bring out the beauty of an outdoors wedding. Floral arrangements are great and can be completed with an excellent bouquet. You can use decorations from table centerpieces to suspended structures and flowers can be a good idea. 

If you have enough money, you can use a flower ceiling which can have some luxury. For greenery, you can choose a. Magnificent themes which can be spread throughout your marquee.


Choosing the right color can be a good idea when decorating your marquee. You can’t just leave yours as-is, you need to blend some Indian, Scottish and Moroccan colors to make it attractive. 

When thinking about the table decor, consider using colorful flowers like roses, carnations, snapdragons and gerbera. 

Paper lanterns and pom-poms

When choosing a decorative idea for your marquee hire, you should try using paper lanterns which is a cheap option. When picking paper lanterns, think of the color schemes and how you can infuse different shades and designs to create something appealing. 

Moreover, paper pom poms can also provide a bright design element that can make your Wedding Marquees Shevington Greater Manchester attractive.

 Sashes, drapery and soft voile

When talking of decorative ideas for yours, choosing ethereal fabrics in flamboyant tones can be a good suggestion. These fabrics can complement your color and overall scheme when you are decorating your marquee. 

This can provide beautiful aesthetics which your guest will love. You can drape over your marrow lining on the ceiling and at the entrance using fair lightning. 


 Another great decoration idea for your marquee is chandeliers where you can focus on interior decorations with a nice chandelier.


Wedding Marquees Shevington Greater Manchester are a nice choice for those who wish to have a wedding set that is ideal for their guests. To make yours attractive and without breaking the bank , you will need to infuse some decorative ideas which will hold your guests spellbound.