Stretch Tents Sale Greater Manchester

Stretch Tents Sale Greater Manchester

Stretch Tents Sale Greater Manchester Premier Event Marquees are a family run business with a passion for quality and service. Offering marquee hire for all events, Stretch Tents Sale Greater Manchester.

Whether you are willing to invest in Stretch Tents Sale Greater Manchester for hire or you are just interested in getting it for home or personal use, one of the key questions to ask is how long do they last? This question will not only inform your decision to go for it or not, it will equally guide your choice of the quality of tents to buy.

They can last an upwards of ten years or more depending on the quality of the materials used and the care or maintenance given to it. In this article, I will take you through the various ways you can use yours, the materials they are made of that guarantee their durability, and, most importantly, what you need to do to get your tents to last you as long as you want.

Why choose them

  • They are very flexible with their usage. They can be manipulated into different shapes, colors and sizes.
  • There is creativity in the use of them. It can be manipulated into different designs to suit the imagination of the user.
  • Them have versatility and multiplicity of usage and purpose. It can be used suitably for different kind of occasions

Tips for caring and maintaining your tents

Ensure correct tent set up

Ensuring good tension and grip of the Stretch Tents Sale Greater Manchester through proper tent set up is one of the key ways to ensure that yours last for you. The best way to ensure proper tents setup is to insist that only qualified technicians get your tent set up. Qualified technicians ensure that the poles of the tents are tight and that they maintain proper angles and distances to check on pressure and wind.

Ensure regular anchor points inspection

The anchor points of yours ought to be duly inspected at least every two to three months. This is to ensure that the tents are well secured to withstand weather fluctuations.

Wash as recommended

Some contain waterproof thin layers, and give them a thorough wash and as recommended will help keep its shine and remove sticky materials and gums. In giving them this washing, it is recommended that you do not just apply any kind of water. Organic solvents or industrial detergents for instance can even corrode the thin layers and lead to punctures. 

Do not dry clean. 

Taking your tents to a dry cleaner could just be the beginning of your cutting down its lifespan. If you wash by yourself, you will better ensure that appropriate care is taken to protect yours from scratch and  punctures.

Apply your ground sheets

Apply ground sheets before mounting your tents to ensure that your stretch isn’t punctured or stock with dirt. The ground sheets should be used both for mounting and for rigging of the tent. Ensure that sharp objects capable of punctures are all removed from below the Stretch Tents Sale Greater Manchester before mounting and rigging.

Mount in safe environments

Mounting your tents in an environment with overhead threats such as tree branches that are capable of either falling off or hitting the tent when the wind blows, isn’t a good way to ensure that your tent lasts. You have to observe the environment where you are ready to mount and ensure that it is safe.

Adhere to proper storage guides

When you rig yours and then wash and dry them, ensure that they are stored in dust bags.

What materials are used in the manufacture of tents

Most tents are made of incredibly strong materials and properly checked to confirm to international standards before being allowed into the market. Some are made of silicon, nylon, dyneema and polyester. Some are made with built-in UV absorbers which resists high solar intensity as well as protection from fading. Some are made of antibacterial agents which increases the lifespan of the  tent fabric. Water repellents and antimicrobials are equally used in making the fabric. These, with the Teflon finish that are usually applied on the fabric, ensure that the materials last and maintain their durability.

These materials vary in price according to their quality and durability. Thus, it all boils down to the buyer’s budget to choose the highest of grades.


Stretch Tents Sale Greater Manchester can last for upwards of seven to ten years. However, how long they can last depends on the quality of materials used in making the fabrics, and, most importantly, the care and maintenance it is given. In this article, I have taken you through the maintenance tips you need to keep to ensure that yours last you as long as you want. Hope you had a good read?