Petal Pole Marquees Atherton Greater Manchester

Petal Pole Marquees Atherton Greater Manchester

Petal Pole Marquees Atherton Greater Manchester Premier Event Marquees are a family run business with a passion for quality and service. Offering marquee hire for all events, Petal Pole Marquees Atherton Greater Manchester.

Petal Pole Marquees Atherton Greater Manchester are scenery, elegant, party venues with scalloped canopy and beautiful ridge lines that gives it its outstanding look making it a wonderful choice for almost any kind of celebration. Modern and stylish with a little traditional touch, these classic marquees are the perfect idea for an outstanding party or event.

The marquees are fast becoming the unanimous choice of people who consider using a marquee for any reason. Want to know why? Here are three advantages of them.

Beauty And Elegance

They are beautiful and elegant with a touch of class. They make for a sophisticated and relaxed feel at the same time. The wooden poles, ropes, scalloped edges, and porsche entrance of the Petal Pole Marquees Atherton Greater Manchester all present a unique design. Using hurricane lanterns at the entrance of a marquee can create a pretty appealing feature that pulls guests’ view out of the tent into the surroundings. This unique design helps to give the marquee a rusty and striking balance which makes it the perfect idea for events such as weddings. 

Does Not Require Much Decor

The marquees are hardly lined by the sides, which is because they do not need to. The kind of decor mostly required for a marquee are lights, foods, and big hanging decors which can be picked up from nearby stores. This also means less stress and time wasted trying to get the marquee ready for any event. All it needs is a set-up and voila! You’re good to go.

Budget Friendly 

The marquee is not costly. Regarding budget, these marquees are cost-friendlier than the traditional clear span marquee. It’s hard textured PVC material also means that the marquee doesn’t have to be lined.

As a result, less money is spent on cotton and draping or other items that should have been used to decorate the side walls of the marquee. If you’re in search of a budget friendly marquee, you should try considering the marquee.

Perfect For All Weather

One amazing feature of the Petal Pole Marquees Atherton Greater Manchester is that it can be set up with either the sides on or without the sides at all making it perfect for any weather. This means that you are safe and the large windows will give you a perfect view to enjoy.

Accommodating And Comfortable

The marquees are usually very spacious and as a result, can seat a large number of people. Guests can easily be accommodated for either formal or informal events especially in places where the use of outdoor spaces is permitted.

Their impressive height are also suitable for a wide range of layouts which makes guests feel comfortable

In Essence

The marquees add beauty and elegance to an event. It is a wonderful choice of marquee for a perfect celebration because of its modernity, stylishness, and classic traditional touch.

Some of the advantages of Petal Pole Marquees Atherton Greater Manchester includes; beauty and elegance, budget friendliness, little decor, weather-perfect, comfortability and accomodation.