Marquee Hire Lees Greater Manchester

Marquee Hire Lees Greater Manchester

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The venue is very important for the success of any event. For instance, choosing the right venue will take away half of your problems, especially when it decides to rain that day. Apart from the venue, decorating the venue rightly will not only add glamour to the event, but it will also make the event indelible in the memory of all the attendees. Check out this guide for some traditional Marquee Hire Lees Greater Manchester decoration ideas.

Hanging decoration

Simple decoration can create an effect that will be unforgettable for your guests. One of the most popular ways of decorating marquees in 2022 is by hanging items from the roof of the marquees. When done the right way, you can be sure that it will give your guests the wow factor. There are many things you can hang but the most popular of them are leaves, ribbons, balloons, paper lanterns with flowers, novelty items, and many more. To make it more attractive, you can design it in different colors and sizes.

Vintage design

For a while now, vintage design has been a trending Marquee Hire Lees Greater Manchester design. It has metamorphosed over the years to appear more rustic but in various shades. The items you need for vintage design are Chiavari chairs, wooden chairs, different colors of trestle tables, table runners, simple flowers, and many more. For more wow effect, you can do this type of design alongside leaf decoration or other types of hanging decoration

Blackout linings

Unlike other types of design, blackout linings are one of the simplest and the most effective decoration ideas. This type of decoration is suitable for evening events. Not only is it simple, it is glamorous, and it will also be fun. You can either totally blackout the Marquee Hire Lees Greater Manchester or do it partially. This will be glamorous when you add it to the starlight ceiling. All you need to do is to wrap fairy lights in the venue. At times, you can use a blackout lining design as a backdrop for any design you opt for. You can switch to it in the evening. They could be designed in the form of lighting effects, bespoke printed linings, themed accessories, and many more.

Bunting design

Just like vintage design, you can hang bunting of different flags and fabrics in the venue, especially for a summer reception or rustic wedding. One unique thing about bunting decoration is that it is easier to make and it could afford you the opportunity to be creative with the color mixture. You can customize the fabrics you want or buy new ones in the market. You can opt for a mixture of different colors or do a color sequence on different sides of the venue.

Paper lanterns and poms poms

You can opt for this type of design if you are trying to minimize cost. This is a type of design you can create at home. However, you need to be creative with color and know how you can incorporate the design to suit the venue. To make it more dynamic, you can create them in different sizes and designs.


Nothing is more satisfying than having the type of venue you have always dreamed of for your event. With time and creativity, you can do some of these designs yourself. If you are unable to do it, you can hire a Marquee Hire Lees Greater Manchester designer.