Corporate Marquee Hire Horwich Greater Manchester

Corporate Marquee Hire Horwich Greater Manchester

Corporate Marquee Hire Horwich Greater Manchester Premier Event Marquees are a family run business with a passion for quality and service. Offering marquee hire for all events. Corporate Marquee Hire Horwich Greater Manchester.

If you have ever been to a marquee festival, you must have noticed that almost all tents look alike. There are usually few different ones with unique designs but in plenty cases, most Corporate Marquee Hire Horwich Greater Manchester tend to concentrate on hiring tents that revolve around the same colors and designs. As a result of this, it is very possible to lose your tent in the festival ground with hundreds of look-alike tents fixed around yours. 

Nonetheless, there are certain trending festival marquee decoration tips in 2022 that can make your marquee stand out among the hundreds of others present.  

Decorating your tent is one of the best ways to make your tent appear unique and different. Here are tips and ideas to make your tent look good and stand out.

Create A Banner

To make your Corporate Marquee Hire Horwich Greater Manchester appear well and stand out, creating a banner that has been fixed between two poles is a great idea. The major items you need for this work of art are simply a couple of poles. It is recommended that you use a waterproof paint and a tarpaulin type material so that the artwork you create can last longer.

If you lack waterproof paint, you can create a material banner that you can attach all kinds of interesting words and images to.

Try Out Flags

Flags are also beautiful decoration accessories for festival marquees. People sometimes use all kinds of flags to decorate festival marquees including band flags. You can use the decoration flags in the country of your origin or a varied mix of selections to showcase the beauty of your marquee. In cases where you do not like the traditional flags, you can make your own unique flag and let it fly on your marquee.

Make Use Of Solar Lights

Cheap solar lights are easily accessible and usually give the festival marquee the desired ambience. The string versions of solar lights would look nicely rounded on the tents and help accentuate the sides of the marquee. This will also give the tent appropriate lighting as solar lights are known to easily penetrate tents. They can also be removed from the tents and kept properly for another time use.

Colorful Windsocks

Although most Corporate Marquee Hire Horwich Greater Manchester do not permit windsocks so it doesn’t dent the marquee, it has become quite the buzz for festival marquee in 2022. This is because of the bright colors displayed on them and the ability to sight them from afar of. Windsocks come in several colors and styles which gives you the ability to express your design I’m several ways.

Try Out Paints

If you feel sort of artistic, you can try decorating your marquee with paint. You’ll need to choose a paint that is waterproof and is not going to damage your marquee. Also, try not to paint every part of the marquee so you can give it breathing space.

If you got your marquee from a Corporate Marquee Hire Horwich Greater Manchester, it is advisable to not consider painting as most of them do not permit this.